Video of the Webinar | Madrid Nuevo Norte: Smart Cities Redevelopment Project Opportunities.

Yesterday, Wednesday May 30, we had the pleasure of holding the webinar on Madrid Nuevo Norte: Smart Cities Redevelopment Project Opportunities.

It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the scale of the project, meet the key players and gain a good understanding of how connectors in the smart city space, both public and private, can help your company identify and pursue related opportunities with Madrid Nuevo Norte.

This presentation and round table focused on the Madrid Nuevo Norte urban redevelopment project, one of the largest and most ambitious in Europe to date.

Given its relevance, we held this webinar to highlight the magnitude and scope of the project, allowing members of our Chamber and other Canadian companies that have participated in Canadian trade missions to Spain to learn about this unique and innovative project and begin to identify opportunities for their business.

Those attending the webinar had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the project and meet the main actors in the public and private sectors of the project.

After a few words of welcome from Nicolas Mazzoli, Managing Director of RBC Capital Markets and Vice President of the Chamber, our invited speakers went on to present their presentations.

We share here the agenda that took place and that can be seen in its entirety in the video of the webinar that we share below:

«Smart Cities initiatives work and the Canadian Angle»
Nadia Rego, Commercial Commissioner, Embassy of Canada in Spain.
(download presentation)

«Madrid Nuevo Norte: Project Scope and Ambitions»
José Luis Moreno Casas, Madrid Nuevo Norte Office Manager, Community of Madrid.
(download presentation)

«Madrid Nuevo Norte: Innovation and Sustainability»
Javier Dorao, Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte.
(download presentation)

«Madrid Innovation Lab: The Connectors»
Jorge Esteban Arlegui, Technical Advisor of the Madrid Nuevo Norte Office, Community of Madrid.(download presentation)
David García Núñez, President, MWCC.
(download presentation)

The event ended with a question and answer session, moderated by Michael Di Santo, Vice President and General Manager, Canada Spain Chamber of Commerce.

Below you can see the full recording of the Webinar.