International EXPERIENCE, new member of the CCCE.

We are pleased to announce our new member to the Chamber,  he Spanish company, international Experience, based in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.

At international Experience (iE) they are committed to the education of young people. Canada is one of the best educational destinations for your international experience. iE has a history in the sector of more than 24 years globally and, specifically, more than 10 in Canada. As a group, more than 2,500 students have studied at a Canadian High School with iE and more than 12,000 have done so around the world.

iE’s mission goes beyond just offering this possibility to Spanish students, they also want Canadian students to be able to come to study at our institutes. Spain is an unbeatable destination culturally but also for its climate, the possibility of being in big cities or small towns. To do this, they have a department specialized in Inbound, with local coordinators spread throughout the country, committed host families, and both academic and summer programs.

iE‘s collaboration with the Chamber is led by Irene Pérez, whose extensive experience in the educational sector in Canada has allowed her to collaborate in the past with the Chamber for the development of various programs, including volunteering on the Camino de Santiago . iE joins the Chamber to generate synergies with other educational members, for the benefit of all.

We are delighted to have iE in the Chamber and look forward to collaborating with them.