The Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCCE), founded in December 2007 is a non-profit entity focused on promoting commerce between Canada and Spain.It is a platform for communication and information exchange, geared to strengthen relations between the two countries.Canada is Spain´s preferred investment destination outside the European Union. In recent years Spanish companies have invested in major projects in Canada, in transport and communications, renewable energies, gas, the chemical industry and information technologies.

The Chamber takes a proactive approach, working as a mediator to represent, promote, and support closer commercial ties between Canada and Spain. Originally an initiative by a group of private individuals, with the support of Spanish and Canadian companies, the CCCE has become a benchmark meeting point for Canada-Spain commercial, technological, financial, scientific, industrial, tourism, legal and cultural relations.The Chamber is recognized by the Canadian Embassy in Spain and the Spanish Embassy in Canada, whose ambassadors are honorary members.