First meeting of CanChams in Europe.

On May 30 and 31, we had the honor of organizing, together with the Canada EU Trade and Investment Association, the first meeting of Canadian bilateral chambers and business associations in Europe.

The meeting, which was held in Madrid, was attended by representatives from 15 EU countries, which in turn represented around 500 companies. Given the 65% increase in trade between Canada and the EU since CETA came into force, the EU CanChams enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to exchange experiences and strengthen their common objectives, including, among others, further development of the digital partnership, the green alliance and Canada’s membership in Horizon Europe.

The meeting was chaired by the President of CEUTIA, Mark C. Camilleri and Nicolas Mazzoli, Vice President of the Chamber and Country Head of RBC Capital Markets in Spain, and welcomed Canadian Trade Commissioners in Europe, in person or virtually, to the Ambassador of Canada to Spain, Wendy Drukier, to the Chief Trade Commissioner, Sara Wilshaw, to the Ambassador of Canada to the EU, Dr. Ailish Campbell, and to the Ambassador of Canada to Greece, Karine Asselin.

The meeting took place in a relaxed networking environment, in which the delegates agreed to continue developing the CanChams network even further, meeting regularly. For the CCCE it was an honor to organize and attend such a special meeting.