Solfarmers: Seven Years of Success in Importing Spanish Gourmet Products to Canada.

Solfarmers, the leading Spanish company in the import and distribution of gourmet products from Spain to Canada, celebrates seven years of continuous success in the North American market.

What began as an entrepreneurial dream in the garage of their home for founders Álvaro González and David González, has blossomed into a thriving business with its own warehouse and a team of more than seven employees dedicated to expanding authentic Spanish gastronomy throughout Canada.

From their modest beginnings, Álvaro and David shared a common passion: bringing the authentic flavors of Spain to Canadian homes. With determination and vision, they began to build their dream from scratch, identifying exclusive products and establishing strong relationships with suppliers throughout Spain.

“Gone are the days when we packed boxes in our garage,” recalls Álvaro González, co-founder of Solfarmers. “Today, we are proud to see how our company has grown and consolidated in the Canadian market. Our goal has always been to offer our customers the best selection of Spanish gourmet products, directly from the lands of origin.”

Solfarmers has been one of the first companies to introduce a wide variety of Spanish products in Canada, from extra virgin olive oils to acorn-fed Iberian hams, select cheeses and canned artisanal seafood and fish. The quality and authenticity of these products have captivated the palates of Canadian consumers, who have increasingly become lovers of Spanish gastronomy thanks to Solfarmers.

David González, co-founder of Solfarmers, adds: “We are delighted to see how our product collection continues to grow in response to growing market demand. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction continues to be the engine driving our growth.”

With an established reputation for its commitment to quality, authenticity and customer service, Solfarmers embarks on its next chapter with enthusiasm and determination. With a solid foundation and an unwavering passion for Spanish food, the company continues its mission to bring the best of Spain to Canadian homes.

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