Moviwear, new CCCE member

We are pleased to inform you of the incorporation as a member of the CCCE  the Canadian company, Moviwear, based in Toronto, ON, Canada.

About MoviWear

MoviWear’s medical artificial intelligence remote monitoring platform, MoviWearMED, saves lives by instantly alerting to changes in patients’ vital signs, at home, in a nursing home, or on the go. Remotely connected to proprietary NurtureWatch 5G IoT wearable devices, seniors’ safety (falls, medications, heart rate variability, etc.) is virtually monitored from anywhere in the world.

Although doctor appointments are the new norm, what about monitoring patients’ vital signs when they are not hospitalized? MoviWearMed virtually monitors people’s health and safety through instant alerts of changes in heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen, or if they have fallen.

MoviWear’s clients include telecommunications and healthcare companies in North America, Europe and Israel. This service was created in 2017 to help prevent catastrophes, after a personal experience that affected a relative of one of the founders, who died alone at home from a heart attack.

MoviWear offers trilingual solutions (English, Spanish, French) to ensure remote medical security. Given that Spain has one of the largest populations over 65 in the EU and a large community of retirees the opportunities are endless. Additionally, COVID recently affected the general population, so Moviwear is ready to help remotely monitor people’s health. Its founder, Jacob Moshinsky is fully bilingual and seeks a combination of partnerships, integrators and research opportunities to expand in the health sector in Spain.


For more information you can contact:

Jacob Moshinsky, CEO & Founding Partner

MoviWear Saving lives with our vital-sign monitoring platform & SOS IoT wearables.


We are very proud to have MoviWear as a partner due to its technological profile in healthtech and also to be able to collaborate closely with Jacob in bringing his company to Spain and providing our support in developing his business in the Spanish market.

Kind regards,  The CCCE