Campos de Sanaa, new CCCE member

We are pleased to inform you of the incorporation as a member of the CCCE of the olive oil company, Campos de Sanaa, based in Jaén, Andalusia, Spain.

About Campos de Sanaa

Campos de Sanaa ( is a brand that was born with the aim of offering very high-end extra virgin olive oils, not only for guaranteeing the perfect extraction of oils, but also for its careful presentation through your designs. Its production is centered in the region of Andalusia, Province of Jaén, the cradle of olive production in Spain and the world. Made up of a multidisciplinary team, in charge of bringing each of the areas to perfection and directed by experts in the food sector. Focused on exports, in just two years they have managed to open various markets such as the USA, Canada, Venezuela, Germany and France. In the national market, in 2020 they began to enter exclusive spaces, basically in oil libraries, gourmet and specialized stores.

Campos de Sanaa have been participating in international awards for the best oils in the world for 2 years, and have almost entirely achieved the highest award:

• NY International Olive Oil Contest: Gold awards 2020 and 2021

• Canada International Olive Oil Competition: Gold Award 2021

• Israel Terraolivo: Prestige Gold 2021

• Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards: Quality Platinum Award 2021

• London International olive Oil Contest: Gold medal 2021

• Olive Japan: Gold medals 2020 and 2021

• AVPA Paris: Silver and Bronze medals 2020 and 2021

Canadian Market

Canada presents a very interesting challenge since it has experienced an increase in the consumption of this product over the last few years. Little by little, olive oil has been introduced into the Canadian product basket and although it is closely associated with oil of Italian origin, there has been a significant increase in the entry of Spanish product. The diversity of its people is another factor that makes it an interesting market, especially because it has a population of European origin whose gastronomy is based on olive oil.

Social media:

• Web:

• Instagram: @camposdesanaa

• Facebook: Campos de Sanaa

• Linkedin: Campos de Sanaa

We are very pleased to have Campos de Sanaa as a member of the Chamber with its agrofood profile and to help Campos de Sanaa in Spain and in its expansión into the Canadian market.

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