The Galician Food Cluster and the Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce established a collaboration agreement

The Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga) and the Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCCE) have just established a collaboration agreement based on joint actions, partner presentations, exchange of sectoral information and matchmaking through the extensive networks of each organization in the public and private sectors.

This collaboration agreement was born because Canada was the first strategic market defined within the framework of F2F Health Matters, the European project promoted by a coalition of five clusters, including Clusaga. It is an internationalization accelerator for innovative agri-food SMEs, which aims to promote the joint development of collaborative internationalization services to offer support so that a group of SMEs from the participating regions specialized in the biotechnology and food sectors can develop a roadmap international.

This initiative is possible thanks to funding from the European Program for the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (COSME) within the framework of the European Strategic Cluster Partnerships – Going International (ESCP-4i).

Roberto Alonso, manager of the Galician Food Cluster, stated that this collaboration with the CCCE “will allow the Cluster to develop the impetus for the internationalization of companies in the sector”, a strategic measure in Clusaga’s 2021-2025 plan. Specifically, he adds, “with alliances with organizations such as the CCCE, we will be able to access their knowledge and network of contacts so that our companies can tackle internationalization in a strategic market such as Canada”.

Zulema Aragonés Monjas, president of the Chamber, comments that the agreement “allows us to strengthen our business relations with the important region of Galicia, and at the same time, as the bilateral Chamber that we are, continue to bring closer investments, businesses and collaborations between Canada and Spain”. The CETA agreement between Canada and the European Union, which is already in its fifth year of force, opens the way to boost business between both countries, and 95% of tariffs have already been eliminated.

First actions resulting from the agreement

As the first measure of this agreement, Clusaga organizes the webinar “Internationalization support programs for companies in the food and biotechnology value chain, success stories and opportunities in the Canadian market”, co-organized by the CCCE.

This online meeting, aimed at SMEs, aims to analyze the support possibilities that F2F Health Matters offers to companies. Specifically, for its internationalization mission to Canada, the project currently has an open call from which interested SMEs can apply for three types of aid: Commercial Lead Support, which consists of financing personalized consulting services; Travel Aid, which provides up to €2,000 for travel expenses; and the Elite Programme, a customized training program on technical, innovation and market-oriented topics. All of them will be explained in detail during the webinar.

The event will also address other support programs from public and private organizations that support the internationalization of companies in the sector in general, and in particular focused on the Canadian market. In addition, the opportunities of this market for the food sector will be studied, with a focus on ingredients, products and biotechnological solutions.

About the Galician Food Cluster

The Galician Food Cluster is a non-profit association made up of more than 130 partners, including the main production and processing companies in the sector, as well as universities and technology centers in the community. Its objective is to contribute to the strengthening, empowerment, sustainable growth and improvement of the competitiveness and internationalization of the food and beverage sector in the region.

The leadership of the Galician Food Cluster is based on transforming visions and plans into actions, finding the means and energy to develop new ideas, with the sophistication of business strategies, and the creation of practical solutions that take advantage of opportunities to address the challenge of improving the competitive position of its associates, with the consequent increase in profitability in a sustainable manner.

Clusaga analyzes the markets, anticipates trends and establishes priorities and positioning strategies in the market, all focused on building the intangible value of a brand, recognized and valued internationally as excellence.

For more information, you can contact Clusaga (C/ Lope Gómez de Marzoa, s/n, 15705 Santiago de Compostela) at

About the Canada Spain Chamber of Commerce The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canada Spain Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit association focused on promoting trade and business relations between Canada and Spain. Founded in 2007, the Chamber acts as a platform for communication and exchange in representation, promotion and support of the economic and commercial relationship between both countries.

The CCCE has experienced strong growth in recent years due to increased investment and trade between the two countries, benefiting from the effect of the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) between Canada and the EU.

The Chamber offers services to its members on both sides of the Atlantic to help them establish and grow in the market, using its network of contacts and relationships with the most relevant companies and institutions in the private and public sectors. The Chamber regularly organizes business meetings and supports members to promote their brand in the market.

For more information, you can contact the Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (C/Caracas, 15, 28010 Madrid) at