CGI opens new center of excellence to enable business and societal transformation through space and geospatial data solutions.

CGI is opening a new Space and Geospatial Center of Excellence in Finland to partner with organizations across industries to use space and geospatial data technologies.

The aim of these partnerships is to help organizations enhance their operations and customer or citizen experience; pursue new business opportunities made possible by advancements in space; and address pressing societal challenges, such as climate change and security threats.

“Finland is recognized internationally as an expert in developing new technologies, including advanced satellite data solutions,” says Leena-Mari Lähteenmaa, President of CGI´s operations in Finland, Poland and Baltics. “Integrating this specialized expertise with CGI’s space technology capabilities will create new opportunities for driving business and societal transformation across industries, including environmental and natural resources, transportation, logistics, and retail, among others.”

CGI is a long-term space technology partner for clients such as the European Space Agency (ESA) and the U.S. federal government, as well as military forces, security organizations, and environmental authorities across Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. The company delivers complex, mission-critical space software systems for satellite navigation, communication and control, as well as Earth observation.

“New solutions emanating from Europe’s Galileo project, which CGI has long supported, together with more mature cloud technologies and significant advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence are generating new business use cases for satellite data,” Miika Salo, Vice-President leading CGI’s new center of excellence adds. “These include fighting climate change, managing critical infrastructure, optimizing corporate supply chains, and improving consumer services, among others. We look forward to helping clients explore the many ways space innovation can transform their businesses and enable them to positively impact our world.”

CGI is recruiting new talent in Finland and approximately 70 space and geospatial data experts will join the center during its start-up phase, with 30 more recruited later.

Since completing its first space project in 1974, CGI has supported the missions of more than 1,000 space satellites. With 2,500 experts in space and related industries, the company helps clients build and implement space strategies and solutions that achieve tangible outcomes. For more information on CGI’s space capabilities and experience, visit