Webinar: Presentation of the Survey: “The business climate in Spain. Valuation of Canadian companies”

On January 18, the Webinar on the Presentation of the Survey took place: “The business climate in Spain. Valuation of Canadian companies”, organized by the Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCCE).

The event was opened by its President and head of DBRS Morningstar in Spain, Zulema Aragonés Monjas, thanking the attendees for their participation and giving a special mention to Iberglobal Consultoría de Internacionalización, for carrying out this first barometer on the business climate in Spain. 2020-2021, valued by Canadian companies. The session was also supported by the Canadian Embassy in Spain, by Mazen Mahfouz, Commercial Counselor.

In addition to the presentation of the Survey “The Business Climate in Spain: Valuation of Canadian companies”, the session dealt with such interesting topics as opportunities for business collaboration and investment by Alfons Calderón, Head of Economic and Institutional Affairs , Bureau of Québec for the Iberian Peninsula, and went into depth on Canadian Investments in Spain, from the hand of Elisa García Grande, Executive Director ICEX – Invest in Spain, who highlighted the positive results of the survey, in which more than 86% of the companies approved of the business climate in Spain and 91% have expectations of growing in Spain. He also highlighted that Canada is the 11th largest investor in Spain, with more than 300 Canadian companies established and with an investment stock equivalent to more than €9,000 million euros and almost 9,000 direct jobs created.

To conclude, a Round Table and Debate was held on, “The future of Spain-Canada economic relations: challenges and opportunities”, moderated by Enrique Fanjul, Iberglobal Internationalization Consulting Partner, in which Blanca Fernández Barjau, Chief Economic and Commercial Counselor, Embassy of Spain in Ottawa, Jaime Montalvo, International Director, Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Jesús Rubiera Fernández, Deputy Director, ICEX/ Invest in Spain and Lucas de Haro, Managing Director, Velto Renewables, offered their opinion on how economic relations between the two countries are heading and current expectations.

Below is the full recording of the Webinar.