WEBINAR May 5: Mental and emotional health at work, applied to diversity and inclusion.

The Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Spain, is organizing a webinar on mental and emotional health at work on Thursday, May 5 at 17:00h CET. A novel concept of mental health that considers diversity and inclusion as fundamental aspects of the culture of organizations.

This event will be held in Spanish. 

Presentation of the company The House of Purpose

The webinar will provide an insight into the capabilities and services of the Toronto-based company, The House of Purpose. The House of Purpose has several LQTBQ+ and inclusion certifications and works to guide companies and workers to use their emotional and social skills to manage and solve productivity problems, such as stress or anxiety. They use emotional technology techniques, which promote changes in the person through significant learning experiences that, over time, generate new neural connections. They have clients in Canada and the United States as well as in Latin America.

Javier Santos, its CEO, is an executive coach with great professional recognition in Canada, in fact, he was recognized a few years ago as “one of the 25 most influential people in Toronto” by Toronto Life magazine. After extensive international business experience in the private sector, Javier partnered with mental health experts to create The House Of Purpose to follow his passion for improving productivity and well-being at work.

Ready to land in the Spanish market, the solutions offered by The House of Purpose allow companies to place the mental health of their employees on the list of priorities and achieve better results. Having a more satisfied workforce and achieving full inclusion and maximum respect for diversity.

With the special collaboration of CGI

In the webinar we will have an excellent success story, CGI. Canadian multinational that is among the largest IT services and business consulting companies in the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of CGI’s core values ​​and forms part of its strategic objectives. Recognized as a responsible company involved in the communities in which it is present, CGI collaborates with clients, foundations and NGOs to contribute to the development of a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Also, through ethical, social and environmentally sustainable business practices, CGI offers added value to its clients; employees, called members since, for the most part, they also own the company; and shareholders.

We will be able to hear, from the hand of Laura Morales, Operations Support Director and Head of CGI’s CSR area in Spain, what are the initiatives that the company has in force for the mental health care of its employees and its strategic lines of action to future.

Why participate?

The one and a half hour webinar will offer a perspective on managing emotions at work, cognitive biases, and the relationship between inclusion and mental health at work.

Mental health is now at the center of the debate in work, social and family life. Being aware of how to manage our emotions at work, in an inclusive way, will help us move forward as companies, obtaining better results, and also as a society.

Participation and registration

To participate in the webinar, aimed at business leaders and HR executives interested in implementing effective diversity and inclusion strategies, it is necessary to register through the form below. For questions or queries about the event, you can contact the Canadian Embassy in Spain via email: espana@international.gc.ca