VI edition of the Rising UP in Spain 2022 Program

Rising UP in Spain is ICEX-Invest in Spain’s technology and business talent attraction program, aimed at foreign startups that want to establish themselves in Spain and open up to the European market, hand in hand with a local partner.

It is a win-win program:

A local partner in Spain raises a technological demand linked to its market needs and the foreign startup collaborates in the development of a solution, working for at least 6 months in Spain together with the local partner.

On the other hand, the foreign startup receives the support of its local partner in Spain with which to begin to know the market for its implementation, while receiving a tailor-made acceleration program from ICEX-Invest in Spain.

The program consists of 4 phases. You can consult them here.

Foreign Startups that wish to establish themselves in Spain can participate with:

• High growth capacity

• Scalable model

• Disruptive technological developments

• Open to scale your business from Spain

Registration for the program is done through a form, which can be consulted in the “Documents” section at this link

Interested startups have until June 2022 to register.

This is an excellent opportunity for Canadian startups looking to access the Spanish and European market.