Talent.com, new member of the Chamber.

We are pleased to inform you of the incorporation as a member of the Chamber of the Canadian company, Talent.com, based in Montreal, Québec, Canada, and which has Spain as its base of operations in Europe.

Talent.com is where your job search begins and ends. They are one of the largest sources of jobs in the world, allowing candidates to access millions of jobs from companies in more than 50 countries. Their platform enhances the experience with personalized search results, email alerts, and a fast, hassle-free job application process. To boost your job search, they also offer research resources like salary and tax calculators.

Their mission is to make finding work easy for the global workforce. They want to make the job search experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Its vision is to transform the way people find work by linking talents and aspirations with opportunities.

Spain is its base of operations in Europe, as it has a solid technological infrastructure and a highly qualified workforce, which facilitates the recruitment of talent specialized in technology. In addition, Spain’s strategic geographical location allows connection with Europe and other important cities in the world where they also have offices and clients. In itself, Spain truly offers them a conducive environment for the growth of their company, supported by their talents, a favorable business environment and a strategic location that facilitates expansion and connection with Talent.com‘s strategic markets.

We are delighted to have Talent.com in the Chamber, and it is a pleasure to be able to collaborate with them.