Simply Embedded Inc., new member of the Chamber.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation as a member of the Chamber of the Canadian company, Simply Embedded Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Simply Embedded started their journey as an embedded systems design and consulting company in 2015. Building on the experience of developing IOT devices for their clients, they are now in the process of transforming into a product-first business with the goal of solving the most frequent problems faced by engineers in the industry.

Its first product line, the Rodeo IoT Platform, is designed to give organizations the tools to acquire and manage the data they need without undertaking time-consuming engineering projects. The platform enables clients to improve business and operational results with minimal cost and time to market.

They are interested in doing business in Spain because the country places great importance on digital technologies through its programs, people, and institutions. It is home to some of the biggest technology conferences in the world and eventually they would like to set up a branch in Spain that can serve their European clients. Through the Chamber, they hope to be able to make the connections they need and grow their business in Spain.

We are delighted to have Simply Embedded Inc. in our Chamber and to be able to support its commitment and growth in the Spanish market.