Our ICES member’s next event, January 16: ICES Petite Canada Fair.

ICES organizes its first Canadian Educational Expo ICES Petite Canada Fair, next January 16. During this exclusive educational meeting in Madrid, attendees will have the opportunity to interact personally with several of the representatives of the most prestigious Canadian school districts in the country and learn about the advantages of studying ESO and Baccalaureate in Canada, in a close and family-friendly way. .

Attendees will be able to learn about what it means to study an academic year or semester in Canada and discover the different special educational programs offered, the extracurricular activities and sports in which they can participate, while living with a local family and integrating into Canadian culture. , acquiring the values of the country.

The event will be attended by 5 Canadian school districts from 3 different provinces, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec:

Participating Canadian school districts and links to their websites corresponding to their international program:

  1. Rocky Mountain School District (BC)
  2. Kamloops-Thompson School District (BC) 
  3. Surrey School District (BC) 
  4. Canadian Rockies Public Schools Division (AB) 
  5. Riverside School Board (QC) 

To attend the event, prior registration is essential. To do this, you can confirm your attendance in the form you will find here.

Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid (Room nº5)
Address: Plaza de España 18, 28008 Madrid. (Spain Plaza Metro)