Indra, new member of the CCCE.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation as a member of the CCCE of the company INDRA, based in Madrid, Spain.

Indra is a leading global technological engineering company for the aerospace, defense and mobility sectors. It is the technological partner for digitization and for the key operations of its clients around the world. In the 2021 financial year, Indra had revenues of 3,390 million euros, more than 52,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and commercial operations in more than 140 countries.

In the field of mobility, Indra has developed more than 2,500 projects in more than 100 cities and more than 50 countries. Its team of experts and its in-depth knowledge of the business and the latest technologies, as well as its leadership in major European innovation programs and projects, allow it to present a differential offer, with an end- to-end approach, for all modes of transport, accompanying its clients throughout the life cycle of their projects, from the planning, management and operation of infrastructures to specialized transport operation and maintenance services.

Canada is a country of great interest to Indra, especially in the field of public transport, where it can offer advanced technological solutions for the important investment projects that the Federal Government of Canada is going to carry out in the coming years. Indra’s membership of the CCCE will contribute to supporting the company’s development in the country and will facilitate dialogue with the rest of the sector’s stakeholders to share experiences, interests and possible collaborations.

It is a pleasure to have Indra as a member of the CCCE and their membership will help identify and develop collaborations with the Chamber, with other members in related sectors, and with our network of relationships on both sides of the Atlantic.