GEOCONTROL, new member of the CCCE.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation as a member of the CCCE, of the Spanish company GEOCONTROL, SA, based in Madrid, Spain.

The company started their activity in Canada at the end of 2019, where they already have very strong relationships, and they are in the process of further expanding their activities in Canada.

Geocontrol is a 100% independent engineering firm, founded in 1982 and specialized in the design of Underground Works (tunnels, shafts and caverns). It offers innovative technical solutions, through its own methodology (DEA – Active Structural Design) applicable to any phase of the life cycle of an infrastructure: design, construction, operation and maintenance. One of the pillars that allows the company to offer advanced and innovative solutions is its human team, made up of more than 70 highly qualified and specialized professionals. The company is headquartered in Madrid and has branches in Santiago (Chile) and Lima (Peru).

Since 1982, the company has participated in numerous tunnel projects in different sectors: Transport (metro, conventional and high-speed railways, highways), energy (hydroelectric power plants), water supply, and mining. The accumulated experience in the design of underground works amounts to more than 1,600 km of tunnels, to which must be added another 900 km in the field of supervision, during construction or rehabilitation. The Geocontrol team has developed these projects under very different geotechnical conditions, due to the enormous variety of locations in which they have been developed (Spain, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and others). In terms of quantity and variety, the Geocontrol experience is difficult to match.

Geocontrol started its activity in Canada at the end of 2019, attracted by the ambitious public transport infrastructure development program, developed by the different provincial governments, with the support of the federal government. Likewise, political and social stability, as well as legal certainty, are an important asset that allows them to bet decisively on the country. Since then, Geocontrol has significantly increased its presence in the Canadian market, mainly in the province of Quebec, collaborating with financial entities (CDPQ Infra), engineering companies (CIMA+, Hatch, GHD), and construction companies (Aecon, EBC).

They hope that their participation in the CCCE will allow them to identify new opportunities for collaboration and facilitate their definitive implementation in the city of Montreal before the end of this year. We are very proud to have Geocontrol as a new member of the CCCE and we look forward to helping them in their process of further expanding their