CONTEXTERE launches Madison Insight Engine

Blue Collar AI® targeting last mile productivity and safety

Contextere publicly launched the Madison Insight Engine and Advanced Virtual Assistant today at the Indo Pacific 2022 International Maritime Conference in Sydney. Madison increases workforce productivity through AI-enabled decision support by delivering actionable intelligence to the last mile. Now workers can have conversations with equipment about error codes, service bulletins, live sensor data, or past performance – “Siri for the Industrial Worker”.

The release of Madison underpins Contextere’s commitment to empowering industrial workers with human-centric AI. There are hundreds of millions of blue collar workers across the globe who operate and maintain equipment essential to our economy and society, as the COVID19 pandemic has dramatically illustrated.

Providing real-time intelligence to employees is critical to addressing the global skills gap, reducing non-productive time, and providing a safe work environment. Madison’s algorithms were tested through strategic partnerships with Global 2000 companies including Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Carrier, and Serco.

“Serco has collaborated with Contextere on industrial AI research since 2019” said Russell Peters, General Manager at Serco Canada Marine, “What has been consistent working Canada and Australia is their ability to blend emerging technology and industrial domain knowledge with a culture focused on solving problems”.

Designed specifically for industrial domains and technical data, Madison offers capabilities unmatched by existing enterprise solutions:

  • Real-time question answer engine providing users with immediate access to operational insights.  
  • Digital work packages including reference documents, equipment manuals, and maintenance logs.
  • Proactive alerts indicating unsafe working conditions, equipment failures, and critical updates.
  • Live IoT and sensor data feeds, visualizations, and historical data trends relevant to current work tasks.

“We are addressing the challenges of human-machine performance optimization on the industrial frontline” said Carl Byers, CTO & Chief Strategy Officer of Contextere. “Madison is unique in enhancing operator performance in industrial environments where human expertise and ingenuity are critical to success”.