CEIM brings together Canadian companies based in Madrid, with the participation of the CCCE, the Canadian Embassy in Spain, the Québec Office in Spain

This February 24, we have received a careful welcome at the headquarters of CEIM – Madrid Business Confederation-CEOE with the Madrid City Council and Madrid Investment Attraction for a meeting with Canadian / Canadian capital companies with headquarters in Madrid.

In this meeting, the second of the year organized by the CEIM Investor Services department, we have had the participation of the Canadian Embassy in Spain, the Québec Government Office in Spain, and fifteen large companies with Canadian capital that operate in various sectors with high added value.

It was very instructive to be able to share a table and exchange interesting impressions with directors of such important companies in Spain and it was a great opportunity to strengthen relationships.

Thanks to this meeting, the Canadian delegation, led by our president of the Canada-Spain Chamber, Zulema Aragonés, and the commercial advisor of the Canadian Embassy in Spain, Mazen Mahfouz, was able to share first-hand with the CEIM team and with the economic area of ​​the Madrid City Council, represented by M.ª Ángeles Prieto, director of Economy, and with Daniel Vinuesa, director of the Madrid Investment Attraction office, their main concerns and needs to continue generating wealth and employment in Madrid.

From the Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce, our enormous thanks to the participants and the organizers for their spirit of collaboration and to our hosts for making us feel at home in this unique meeting.