Cascajares opens factory after the devastating fire in January.

We are happy to announce that the Cascajares sign has returned to its place after more than eight months of the fire of the old pre-cooked products factory, and the company’s new facilities are already visible on the esplanade adjacent to the one that housed the old complex, burned down on January 26.

The new factory in the Dueñas industrial estate is consolidated as “the most modern in Europe”, according to Alfonso Jiménez, president of Cascajares. The new facilities are equipped with the most current food safety and fire protection systems. The design now separates the production core, the warehouse and the motor and electricity area, placing them at a safe distance from each other. This way, any incident in one area will not have a devastating impact on the others.

Cascajares‘ vision, however, goes further. They have not only designed a factory to recover what was lost, but to multiply production. The new facilities occupy an area of 5,600m2, which will triple the production of the previous plant, which stood at one thousand tons of precooked foods per year. The entire team has set itself the challenge of growth, turning adversity into an opportunity for expansion.