AtmanCo, new member of the Chamber.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation as a member of the Chamber of the Canadian company AtmanCobased in Montreal, Quebec, Canadá.

AtmanCo is a Canadian-based, 100 % woman-owned company that develops and markets a cutting-edge Talent Optimization and Retention solution for business-to-business (B2B) organizations to meet their recruitment/selection, team engagement and talent development needs. AtmanCo’s solution is built on more than 12 years of R&D, taking a unique approach of psychometric science.

This distinctive approach allows us to democratize talent management and make accessible the data that is essential to building successful teams & businesses.  Our solutions address both:

  1. The traditional needs of HR professionals to identify quality candidates & employees, boost team engagement, reduce turnover rate and improve overall talent performance.
  2. The growing needs of HR professionals to have access to technological tools to assist them in their recruitment, coaching, development with their own clients.

AtmanCo’s business model is built around two recurring revenue streams: product bundles (purchased by volume) and annual licenses. The company’s solutions are used by more than 1,000 clients, ranging from SMEs to multinationals.

As of December 2022, AtmanCo took an active approach to develop the Spanish market because the evaluation and the platform are both available in Spanish. Through our market research, we have come to realize that there is demand for HR tech solutions in Spain and HR professionals are looking for and interested in finding tools such as the Atman Platform to assist them. The Atman platform is interactive and intuitive which saves time for the HR professionals.

We would like to become a member of the Chamber of commerce because it will allow us to create a great partnership, have their guidance and insight on the Spanish market and give another type of visibility.

Attached is their flagship brochure in English and in Spanish

We are delighted to have AtmanCo in the Chamber, and it will be a pleasure to collaborate with them.