Capillas Enterprise Inc., new member of the Chamber.

We are pleased to announce the incorporation as a new member of the Chamber of the Canadian company, Capillas Enterprise Inc., based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Capilas Enterprise Inc., is a company registered in the province of Manitoba in Canada. They are specialized in connecting Spanish or international companies that want to penetrate the Canadian market and later the American one. They offer a brokerage service and curation of possible clients and prospects for these companies. Their job is to search for those prospects, guiding them through the entire process until they are ready to make the purchase, at which point they share the information with the final customer, who is in charge of closing.

In the same way, they offer the same service to Canadian or American companies that want to penetrate the Spanish market and later the European one, which on many occasions establishes bilateral relations between companies that favor the interests of both.

Capillas Enterprise Inc., has a wide network of contacts in both countries, even reaching levels of provincial governments and embassies, which provide them with help in acquiring information and permits necessary to operate in different industries.

They have extensive experience in different types of markets, mainly in the agri-food sector and recently in the insect protein and hemp industries. They have an agreement with Walmart United States, with which they can list their customers’ products on their E-commerce platform, to be distributed throughout the country, also in their physical stores and, if the product is accepted, go to Canada and Mexico.

Why Spain and the Chamber.

We live in a globalized world, which is why Capillas Enterprise Inc. quickly understood the need to establish fluid communication channels between both countries due to the good relations that exist between them, and knowing that Canada is a country that is very open to imports. , with great consideration for Spanish products.

The Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce will be key to making their service known and being able to collaborate directly with businessmen like them, who understand the daily challenges that international trade entails. They trust our Chamber to help them establish these contacts in a friendly and close manner, so that all parties benefit through mutual collaboration.

For the Chamber, it is a pleasure to be able to collaborate with Capillas Enterprise Inc., and accompany them to expand their network of contacts in both countries.