VANAS, the leading digital arts training school, arrives in Spain.

VANAS (Vancouver Animation School), the renowned digital arts and digital entertainment training school, is pleased to announce the launch of its educational offer in Spain. 

The new offer will offer a variety of courses in digital arts in online mode. This expansion reinforces its position as one of the leading digital arts training companies worldwide and consolidates its commitment to offer quality education in animation, concept art, visual effects, game design, esports, virtual reality, among others.
Founded in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada, VANAS has built a strong reputation for its high-level courses and outstanding team of experienced instructors. With the launch of this new educational offer in the country, the company is positioned to meet the growing demand for training in the arts and digital entertainment industry in Spain.

As a leader in digital arts training, VANAS is distinguished by its innovative approach of “learning by doing”. Course offerings are designed for students to work on real projects, furthering their ability to meet the challenges of today’s work environment. In addition, collaboration and teamwork are promoted, providing students with a comprehensive experience and strengthening their communication and collaboration skills.

VANAS is proud to have an outstanding team of instructors, all of them professionals in the digital arts and entertainment industry, with extensive experience in the most renowned companies in the industry and a passion for teaching. Their up-to-date knowledge and dedication ensure that students receive a quality education and stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

The launch of the VANAS educational offer in Spain marks a significant milestone in the country’s digital arts and entertainment landscape. This strategic move reflects the growing relevance of the industry in Spain, as well as VANAS’s commitment to be the benchmark in the sector.

The Spanish digital arts and entertainment market is experiencing notable growth. According to recent reports, in 2022 it reached a value of 15 billion euros, and it is projected that by 2026 it will reach 34 billion euros. This robust growth is due to a number of factors, including the increasing popularity of digital content, the growing demand for digital skills, and ever-increasing investment in the digital arts industry.

VANAS recognizes the potential of the Spanish digital arts and entertainment market and is committed to offering quality education to students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. In addition, the school offers scholarships and financial aid options to ensure that digital arts training is accessible to those interested in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this burgeoning industry. The costs of the formation of VANAS in the country were specially modeled for the Spanish market.

Those seeking a career in the digital arts will find VANAS an excellent fit, backed by its strong reputation, experienced team and innovative approach to teaching. With its new online training headquarters in Spain, the school is ready to help all those who want to achieve their career goals in this exciting and ever-evolving field.