Next CETA Event, January 30 | Examining the Canada – EU Economic Partnership.

This exciting hybrid event will take place on January 30, examining the strategic importance of the Canada-EU economic partnership from a geopolitical perspective, including the role CETA and other trade agreements play in addressing global challenges. . The meeting will feature the participation of senior political, government and business leaders from Canada.

It will be on January 30, at 4:00 p.m. (CET) and can be attended in person (Avenue des Arts 57, 1000 Brussels) or virtually.

Canada and the European Union share a strong economic and political relationship. At the center of this deepening partnership is the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), a groundbreaking agreement that entered into provisional application in September 2017.

CETA has significantly improved bilateral trade by reducing or eliminating barriers, promoting regulatory cooperation and alignment where possible, and facilitating public procurement opportunities for Canadian and European companies. Despite these benefits, there have been some challenges to fully realizing the potential of the economic and trade relationship between Canada and the EU. These include differences in regulations and other non-tariff barriers and issues that can affect the smooth flow of trade and investment.

Furthermore, since the conclusion of CETA, a multitude of global challenges and threats have emerged, ranging from an erosion of the rules-based multilateral trading system, a global pandemic and its secondary effects, growing environmental challenges and wars.

More information about the agenda and registration (in-person/virtual), here.