On line event with the Canadian Embassy and the CEOE International where we will hear from the Hon. Ambassador from Canada to Spain, Wendy Drukier on the “Canadian economy, recovery and areas of opportunities” and from the CEOE Internacional ´s President, Marta Blanco, on the CEOE´s perspectives on the recovery and tools that they are implementing to help companies access information on the EU Next Generation Funds.

Luis Socias, Head of the CEOE´s office on EU Projects will also provide an in depth update and present the CEOE´s platform for Next Generation Funds.

Tuesday 18/05/2021
16:30 – 17:45


16:30h Opening Remarks – Zulema Aragonés Monjas, President. Cámara de Comercio Canadá España &. Head of DBRS Morningstar Spain.

16.40h Canadian economy, recovery and areas of opportunities – Wendy Drukier, Ambassador of Canada to Spain.

16:50h Spain Canada Business Relations Update and Perspectives – Marta Blanco, Presidenta, CEOE Internacional.

17.00h Update and tools for Accessing EU Next Generation Funds – Luis Socias, Head of the Office for European Projects at the CEOE. Update and presentation of the CEOE´s Platform.

17.25h Q&A.

17:45h End.


Perspectives on the recovery and tools that they are implementing to help companies access information on the EU Next Generation Funds.

Zulema Aragonés Monjas

Opening Remarks

Ms. Zulema Aragonés Monjas was appointed President of the Chamber of Commerce Canada Spain in April 2021. Zulema joined DBRS Morningstar in 2013, where she head the European Compliance function. After over 20 years living in the UK, she moved back to Spain ( Madrid) from London to become branch head when DBRS Morningstar decided to open an office in the Spanish capital in January 2019 while at the same time continue heading the European Compliance and the Global Internal Controls functions at DBRS Morningstar. Prior joining DBRS Morningstar in 2013, she was for 12 years at British Telecoms (BT plc) holding senior roles as a head of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance for EMEA and LatAm. She holds a degree in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and two masters degrees in management and information systems from the Imperial College of London and the London School of Economics respectively. Zulema is married to former National Hunt Jockey, Declan J Murphy and lives together with her daughter in Madrid.

Wendy Drukier

Canadian economy, recovery and areas of opportunities

Wendy Drukier (BA Hons [Politics, Economics], Queen’s University, 1990; MA, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, 1994) is Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain and Principality of Andorra since November 2020.

She joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 1997. Her first posting abroad was at the Embassy in Buenos Aires (1999 to 2002). She then served as Political Counsellor in Bogotá (2007 to 2009) and at Canada’s Permanent Mission to the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C. (2010 to 2012), where she was also Director of the department’s Hemispheric Affairs Division.

From 2012 to 2015, she served as Ambassador to Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. After that, she has held a number of positions at the headquarters of the Ministry in Canada, including Deputy Director in the Stabilization and Reconstruction Programs Division and Director General of International Organizations. Most recently, she served as Director General, Economic Development.

Marta Blanco

Spain Canada Business Relations Update and Perspectives

Before becoming a member of the State Economists and Trade Experts Division in 1992, Marta Blanco got her BA in Business Science at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and studied Political Science at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She also holds an MBA from the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI).

To name a few of the institutional positions she has held, she was the Director of Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Trade (2011-2013), deputy director of Trade Policy for the EU at the Trade Secretariat (2006-2009), director at the Consumer Goods Division of ICEX (2005 – 2006), Spanish representative at the Inter-American Development Bank (2002 – 2005), and deputy director of Foreign Debt and Project Assessment and chief of the Spanish delegation at the Paris Club (1999 – 2002). Previously she worked as advisor for the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Trade and chief of the Support Unit of the General Directorate of Foreign Trade.

Regarding her roles at the tourism sector, she was the General Director of Turespaña, General Director for the Community of Madrid Tourism Directorate and President of Tourism, Culture and Sports Council at CEOE.

She has also served at the Board of Directors of ICEX, AENA, CESCE, PYMAR and Expansión Exterior, and has been speaker at numerous courses and seminars regarding internationalization and tourism.

Currently, Marta Blanco is President of CEOE International, President of International Relations Committee at CEOE, Vicepresident of Business at OECD Trade Committee and Spanish Representative at G20 Empower.

Luis Socías Uribe

Update and tools for Accessing EU Next Generation Funds

Luis Socías Uribe has a double degree in Business Administration and Management and Law from the University of Deusto. In addition, he has international programs and seminars at different universities (The London School of Economics and Political Science or Princeton University). After developing his professional career in strategic consulting for the Public Sector at Deloitte, in August 2020 he joined the CEOE team as Head of the European Projects Office. Since then, he has coordinated work related to European funds, information to companies and dialogue with the Government in this area.Add biography text for your team member here. You can also remove this text if you’d rather just have a name and title.

Tuesday 18/05/2021
16:30 – 17:45