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OpenText, a leader in EIM, Enterprise Information Management, helps companies build business, lower operating costs, and reduce their IT security risks. OpenText focuses on the prime organizational engines of success, such as:

  • Improved Business Vision: Big data management, of data from diverse formats and sources, to optimize strategic analysis and decision making processes.
  • Reinforced Business Impact: Advantageous use of the new factors affecting how we work: globalization, social networks, IT commoditization. All open opportunities to create exceptional experiences for clients, users and business partners.
  • Streamline Processes: Integrating data, processes and existing applications leads to higher accuracy, speed and efficiency across processes.
  • Full compliance with data privacy challenges. Policies to guarantee compliance.
  • Guarantee data security, through proactive defence against external and internal threats.

With advanced solutions in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) that include Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Experience Management(CEM) and Business Process Management (BPM), advanced search, content analysis and semantic navigation (Discovery), and Information Exchange (Ix), as well as other technological improvements to SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, OpenText is positioning itself as the preferred choice of companies looking to become more competitive through resource optimization.

OpenText enables companies, regardless of size or activity sector, to manage, securitize and use their unstructured business data, whether stored in their data processing centre or in the cloud. Over 50,000 companies use OpenText solutions to deploy the full potential of their data. OpenText offers high end, high value added, secure and profitable solutions on-site, on mobile devices, and in the cloud.

Our main clients in Spain include major national public institutions, principal financial entities and telecom, energy and utilities companies of the domestic market. OpenText has offices in Spain and Portugal.

For more information on OpenText, go to: www.opentext.com