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Ferrovial is one of the main global operators providing infrastructure and services management to cities, and is committed to the development of sustainable solutions.

The company has over 69,000 employees and a market presence in over 25 countries. It is publicly traded on the IBEX 35, and is part of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good index.

Ferrovial´s activities are divided into four business lines:

-Services: provision of efficient urban and environmental services and infrastructures and facilities maintenance.
-Highways: development, investment and operation of highways and other infrastructures.
-Construction: infrastructure design and construction: civil engineering, buildings and industrial constructions.
-Airports: investment in and operation of airports.

Commitment to society is a hallmark of our identity. We practice Corporate Social Responsibility, consistently applying best available practices in all our Quality, Environmental, and Innovation development. The services we provide to large communities promote social and economic development, and, under our management, help improve the quality of life and progress of people.

Ferrovial bases its strategy on four pillars:

Profitable growth, through a combination of organic growth and selective acquisition. A strategy of complementing organic growth with selected acquisitions that reinforces competitive positioning and adds new capabilities.

Internationalization, through which Ferrovial has achieved a consolidated stable presence in five geographical regions: Spain, the United States, the UK, Canada, and Poland. The company plans to continue building on activities in these countries and, applying proper risk management, to develop new markets, by leveraging our current capabilities and establishing alliances with local partners.

Operational excellence and innovation, both key levers for managing complex operations, and providing custom made solutions to clients. Our talented employees, centres of excellence and innovation, and consistent application of best practices in project management and personal safety improve our competitive positioning in all markets. The company´s commitment to the environment, society, and to its employees are key to achievement of the operational and innovative excellence that define Ferrovial.

Financial discipline, diversification of funding and good cash-flow management have raised the company´s credit risk and solvency ratings. Ferrovial is an investment grade company, thanks to its policy of low overall debt, excluding individual projects.

Another distinguishing feature is maximum value creation in each project. Ferrovial´s business units practice comprehensive cross-selling at each stage of infrastructure contracts, providing individualized solutions, with added value for clients.

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