CSiT was founded in 2011 by a group of senior executives from Telecite and ALSTOM. With decades of experience in delivering integrated multimodal transit information solutions to the transit industry worldwide, the CSiT team is recognized as experts that contribute in delivering Smart Mobility solutions for transit operators that make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for our clients. 


CSiT is recognized for Catalyzing Smarter Mobility for the transit operator, providing the ultimate in integrated multi-modal information for transport of the Smart City mobility hub.  With its flagship multimodal transit information product suite called TRANSIS, CSiT integrates for the public transport operator information from disparate data sources and provides an operator information hub useful to passengers, customer service, operations and maintenance throughout the operator operational network and beyond; be it buses, metro, trams, suburban rail, stations, bus stops, interactive kiosks and mobile. 

Please find also a copy of a brief presentation about the company and the product with a focus on their installation in Barcelona. The company´s contact details are below for the Company´s President in Montreal, and for their partner company in Barcelona: